TABCO Endorsement

Last Thursday, the Teachers Association of Baltimore County (TABCO) published their endorsements for Board of Education candidates. I was endorsed for District 6.  Matt Gresick, a Howard County teacher and Catonsville resident, was endorsed for District 1. I attended the annual meeting for Loch Raven Village and had the opportunity to speak with the residents who overlap into District 5. David Marks and Cathy Bevins, County Council legislators, both addressed the audience. Both took questions after their presentations. Steve Lafferty spoke about legislation passed, mostly concerning education. Several questions about schools were raised which I was able to contribute to the discussion before my time. The parents raised a number of issues which had a common theme of lack of communication from the superintendent’s office to parents. I asked about my position on the superintendent receiving money from taking other jobs while superintendent. My answer was and is: the superintendent’s job is to manage the system. He/she should not receive compensation for any activity in which he/she is operating as superintendent. If this person is an artist or musician and receives money while operating as an artist or musician, that is fine.

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