Ed cites two teachers as the inspiration to be a teacher.  In the 1967 movie To Sir with Love, Sidney Poitier played teacher Mark Thackery who is assigned to teach in a low- income community of London. Lloyd Hanes played teacher U.S. History teacher Pete Dixon in the television program Room 222. These programs portrayed teachers as instrumental in transforming the lives of not just of students but also the educational community. They not only taught the content of the curriculum but also the qualities of character. Portraying two African American males as educators during the Civil Rights Movement was groundbreaking. One year, Ed’s childhood dream came true when he taught U.S. History in Room 222 at Sparrows Point. 


Ed has a long and versatile experience in education. Ed attended Cromwell Valley Elementary School in Towson and graduated high school from St. Paul’s School for Boys. He graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in History from Ithaca College after spending a year at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. In 1986, he earned his Master of Education from Loyola University. He has continued his education attending various institutions including the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, Cape Breton University, and East Tennessee State University. He also completed the course work to qualify to be an administrator. He has also participated as both a student and coach in numerous leadership courses including a course called Breakthrough Running, a ten week course designed to empower individuals to have a breakthrough in well-being and the Self Expression Leadership Course, a four month long course designed to expand an individual’s capacity for leadership and empower others to make a difference.


Ed has a long and varied career in education. His first teaching position was in a private school for students with Learning Disabilities where he taught English and Social Studies. In 1986, he began his long career with Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) with a position as s Special Education teacher at Sparrows Point Middle/High School. He became the Special Education Department Chairman and was the first IEP Chairman who was not an Assistant Principal. While at Sparrows Point, he had the opportunity to be an Administrator Intern with the objective of becoming an Assistant Principal. After ten wonderful years at Sparrows Point and recognizing his passion was teaching and not administration, he chose to return to the classroom full time and transferred to Loch Raven High School. In 2012, he was Involuntarily Transferred from Loch Raven and took a position at Kenwood High School. He retired from BCPS in June of 2016.

Ed has had varied teaching opportunities outside of BCPS. He worked with Dr. Harriet Steinberg, a retired Supervisor of Special Education, in her tutoring after-school program. He was part of Howard Community College’s Project Access as a Literary Arts instructor, Parent Advocate and education assessment administrator. He was the Maryland Coordinator for summer foreign student homestays and spent one summer teaching students in Tczew, Poland. Additionally he has worked with teaching interns from Loyola, Coppin and Towson Universities, a number who have obtained positions with BCPS.


Ed has been an educational advocate as well. He was a school representative for the Teachers Association of Baltimore County (TABCO) for all three schools in which he taught. He initiated a letter writing campaign to President George W. Bush with regards to the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA). He eventually received a personal letter from the President and Rep. Gilchrist met with him to discuss legislative means to modify NCLBA. He was Co-Chair of the MD State Teachers Association Committee on the impact of NCLBA in MD. He was part of a Federal study on reforming IDEA and served as the Chairman of TABCO’s Special Ed. Committee, participating in the audit of services in BCPS. Most recently, he participated in a study group on accountability for the National Education Association (NEA). His editorials on education are frequently published in various blogs and news establishments including The Baltimore Sun papers.  Below are links to some of these editorials:

March 14, 2016 - Diminishing the value of a high school diploma

June 9, 2013 - No teacher wants to be called "excess"

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August 30, 2011 - Empowering teachers a long way to improving schools

March 23, 2011 - Race to the Top isn't worth the $250 million
One of the Assistant Superintendents wrote a letter to Ed in response to his editorial.  The Asst. Superintendent had his secretary drive it over to Loch Raven HS and give it to the Principal with instructions to deliver it to Ed immediately, which she did, interrupting a class to do so.

August 30, 2011 - Empowering teachers a long way to improving schools


Continued Passion

Since retiring from BCPS, Ed has combined his passion for the bagpipes and teaching with a position as Director of Pipes and Drums at the U.S. Naval Academy. His role there is not only to teach bagpipes but also to meet the needs of the Brigade and the program of instruction. He was part of the origination of the band and a part time instructor before taking the role of Director in 2016. Ed has been the Pipe Major of several local bands and has competed at the highest level of pipe band competitions and was a Grade 1 solo competitor. Additionally, he has private students and performs individually and with local bagpipe and folk bands.


In addition to being an educator and community advocate, Ed is a devoted husband to his wife Mary, and father to daughter Sarah. He spends his free time playing the bagpipes both locally and internationally, and has placed with prominent competitive bands at the World level. He also enjoys running, American Revolution reenactments, and riding his motorcycle.

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